The Missing link in health free ebook

The idea of stress as a factor in ill health is now widely accepted and the effects on the body are relatively well-documented. The true range of the causes is not so much in evidence. Geopathic stress as a causal link to ill health is usually ignored as most people are unaware of its presence.

The general definition of Geopathic Stress is the study of earth energies (earth rays) and their detrimental effects on the well-being of humans and animals. Please keep in mind, not all earth rays are bad, some can be very beneficial, such as with healing vortexes. Other earth rays could also be neutral, allowing you to shift the energy to be in a more favorable frequency.

In this article, a free e-book is provided below for us to explore the concept of geopathic stress, its effect on the environment and the implications of this for the individual’s healing process. It is argued that geopathic stress can undermine both the body’s subtle energy system (the etheric body, chakras and meridians) and the body’s electrical system (brain, heart and muscles), thus delaying healing and recovery. A challenge is made to all health-care professionals who are dedicated to the development of holistic care to further their understanding and awareness of this phenomenon.

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