Our Team


Dr. Daniel Mong, FRSA, FCMA

Other than managing Geo Harmony Solutions, Dr. Daniel has been contributing to the Research and Design works for the company due to his extensive knowledge and experiences in the built environment’s status and how it affects the human health.

His early career consisted of conducting on-site home health analyses with his mentor Prof. Dr. A.C. Tan, the first bioresonance building biologist in Malaysia who has restore health for residences around the country for more than 12 years ago. With Prof. Dr. Tan’s guidance, Dr. Daniel has developed reasonably good skills and experience on home health analysis especially in the field of Geopathic Stress detection and harmonization.

Dr. Daniel also conduct human energetics related courses occasionally to spread the awareness of subtle energy qualities of the environment and how they affect the human health and wellbeing. So far, he has conducted such workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Penang & Sabah.


Master Mong, RMT, RMH

Master Mong has been involved in the oriental Feng Shui field of services for more than 20 years. As a Nationally recognized Reiki Master accompanied with his knowledge in Building Biology and Ancient Egyptian Science, his experience and skills are invaluable in the field of human energetics and the built environment.

Master Mong acts as the company chairman, advisor and inventor of our in-house environmental harmonization tools

He believes that a healthy living is rooted in the living environment which lies at the balance of energetic polarity (Yin & Yang). Once the balance is established, the human body ‘ s energetic balance will correct itself and heal according to its natural ability to heal.

Medical and health consultant

Dr. Harrie Ng, MD

Dr. Harrie Ng is a distinguished medical professional that treats his patients with a holistic approach. As a versatile practitioner, Dr. Harrie seamlessly integrates modern western medicine practices and holistic medicine accompanied with expertise in functional medicine, integrative medicine, lifestyle medicine, energy medicine, and regenerative medicine. Driven by a commitment to comprehensive well-being, Dr. Harrie is also proficient in different modules of energy and bioresonance healing. With a passion for enhancing both physical and spiritual health, Dr. Harrie Ng stands at the forefront of the medical field, offering a unique blend of traditional and alternative healing modalities that inspire admiration and trust.