EMF & Geopathic Stress assessments

Complete Home Energetic Assessment: HF radiation, E/M radiation, Geopathic Stress and detrimental energy power spots. Site: Serai Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
A home earth radiation (Geopathic Stress) assessment at Kuchai Lama.

Post assessment results analysis with Prof. Dr. A.C. Tan.

A volunteer EMF assessment at Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Insan (PKKII), Taman Gembira.
An EMF reading of 7665 millivolt per squared meter, a highly stressful environment due to the broadcasting nature of EMF from metal bedframes used in the premise.
A private land pre-built assessment at Cheras.

A private land pre-built assessment at Sg. Long, Selangor.