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Geo Harmony Solutions

Established since 2018, Geo Harmony Solutions (SSM reg.: 002912582-W/201803397074) is a home environmental wellbeing solutions provider which has the vision of becoming the top health and environmental well being home solutions provider in the South East Asia region.

We specialize in precautionary assessment of man-made radiation level (Highfrequency and Low frequency Electromagnetic Waves) and identifying geological disturbances (Earth’s magnetic field, terrestrial radiation) in the home environment according to the Standard of Building Biology Testing Methods (SBM-2015, Germany). By providing assessment and tailor-made solutions, we ensure our clients are able to prevent unwanted development of diseases or possible health risks in the future due to energetic health risk factors in their living environment.

Other than seeing our services as preventive measures, over the years, our existing clients have often referred individuals to us who are experiencing suboptimal health conditions. These suboptimal health conditions include sleep quality deprivation, feeling lethargic/fatigue most of the time, migraine, losing appetites easily, losing focuses on daily task/work easily thus losing efficiency, etc. Through the referred cases, 40% of the referred customers were living in houses that are categorized as electro smog electromagnetic polluted whereas 60% of them sleep in bedrooms which have strong geological disturbances.


5 years prior to the official establishment of Geo Harmony Solution, our co-founders – Dr. Daniel and Master Mong have started their journey to acquired knowledge and skills from Egypt, Germany, Switzerland and France, to create best possible living environments that enhance the wellbeing and health standard of individuals.

With a total of 9 years in experience and developmental researches, our co-founders’ crystalized experiences and knowledge allowed us to focus with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between EMF radiation, Terrestrial radiation and negative subtle energy exposure and its effects on health and wellbeing.

If even weak environmental influences affect the regenerative ability of the human body and consequently its ability to fight disease, then the basis for life with as little wellbeing upsets would jeopardized the human wellbeing in totality. With the successful wellbeing improvements of patients as our daily goal, we developed our own technology and approach.

We Focus On The Causes, Not The Symptoms!

Your Health Matters!

Our focus is your long-term wellbeing. YOU are the priority. not quick sales of gadgets that don’t work, or low performing products designed for marketing rather than to improve your wellbeing.


High Performance Technology

Our radiation harmonization and protection tools are developed inhouse with patented technology. They harmonizes the radiation resonance of the EMF, Terrestrial radiation and negative subtle energy qualities towards the human body, thus, the human body will no longer feel the burden from these health harming environmental factors. We have always been more focused on developing actual solutions for problems and this will never change. After all, when it comes to your wellbeing, the only thing you want is something that really works!